EMS Emergency Management System

Emergency Management System (EMS) is more than a software product. It is a strategy that ensures business security and is a vital part of the business continuity plan. Preparing to install an EMS involves identifying potential risks and threats, developing emergency plans and training employees to respond appropriately during emergencies.

However, an effective EMS goes beyond preparation. System installation involves integrating the software into business processes. This includes setting up appropriate access controls, security protocols and data analysis functions.

Once installed, EMS requires regular maintenance to ensure that the system functions properly. This may include regular updates, troubleshooting and analyzing system performance.

Looking at a branch manager, they can use the EMS app to quickly receive emergency alerts and take appropriate action. In the event of a fire alarm, for example, the manager can see the location of the incident with a glance at the app, check which company emergency responders (EMTs) are nearby and immediately coordinate the necessary actions. This shows how EMS emergency management system software enables organizations to respond to emergencies efficiently and effectively.

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Emergency Notification System

FindWhere’s Emergency Notification System is an integral part of our emergency management software. In case of an emergency, this system is activated to send notifications at lightning speed to the appropriate emergency responders in the area. Think of it as a guide that directs emergency responders to the scene of the incident. The better the preparation the calmer the lifeguards can remain in doing their job.

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Fully automatic

The system sends alerts through various communication channels, significantly increasing the likelihood of quick and effective response. The system works automatically, taking over the responsibility of relaying the call to the appropriate emergency responders. This allows the focus to be where it belongs: on providing help and managing the emergency. By using this advanced emergency notification system, organizations can respond to emergencies faster, safer and more effectively.

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