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Quickly summon FAFS officers, immediately see who is available and/or make a report: it is all possible with the EMS FAFS app. Alarm, respond, communicate, document and more. Everything you need for safe operations in accordance with the latest ISO standards.

Easy-to-use app for alerting, notifying and calling

Our FAFS app is a powerful solution for Android and iPhone. The app is fully AVG-proof and knows exactly when your FAFS officers are on site, and when they are not. This way, you don’t have to worry about an FAFS officer being alerted or called if he or she is not within a predefined area. Our FAFS app bypasses the phone’s silence function. The company emergency worker that receives the notification can then accept or reject it.

Create notifications with pictures and voice messages

If you, as an FAFS officer, find yourself in a situation where you need to send out a notification, you can also do so with our FAFS app. For example, you can choose to include a photo and a voice message along with text, so that the entire organization, other officers and/or the emergency services can immediately see what is going on. In addition, depending on the type of notification, a predetermined protocol can be automatically activated.

The application also has a walkie-talkie function and you can be used to show the locations of all AED’s on the premises, for example.

EMS platform

Integral part of our EMS platform

The app is an integral part of our EMS platform, giving you a complete safety solution for your organization. With our EMS platform combined with the FAFS app, you will have everything in your pocket as a FAFS officer.

beste bhv app

The best FAFS app

We think that our EMS platform with the FAFS app is the best combination. Our clients, including healthcare institutions, municipalities and large multinationals, also say so. Every single one of them is extremely satisfied with the ease-of-use and functionalities of our FAFS application.

It is an FAFS alarm/call system app and also features convenient notification functions. The app works on multiple operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows.


FAFS app Android

The FAFS app from our EMS platform is fully compatible with different platforms. The application is suitable for Android. You can simply download the app from the various app stores.

FAFS app standalone

This app is not standalone. The FAFS app is part of our EMS platform: the system to organize all aspects of your company’s safety, from A to Z. Therefore, the app is not a separate element in the system, but a part of it. For example, the app uses geofencing technology, alerting only emergency responders who are near the incident. In the platform, you can specify in advance which FAFS personnel have certain skills, so the app notifies only those who are qualified for certain incidents.

FAFS app overview

Are you looking for an overview of FAFS apps? There are several FAFS apps on the market, such as the Picasse FAFS app, the Kompas FAFS app or the G4S FAFS app. Free FAFS apps are also available. Our FAFS app is free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. However, you can only use our app in conjunction with the EMS platform. We’d love to tell you more about it!

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FaFs app
  • Corporate safety Your workers safe, your organization operational
  • Alerting & Communicating EMS is the call system in case of alarms and/or emergencies
  • Transparent Everything in one app

See reviews from our customers

After thorough research, KUBO chose EMS. EMS brings peace of mind to our security organization. Through the deployment of EMS, the emergency workers present at the various locations of KUBO are visible and have access to the relevant information of the respective location through the CMS. Emergency responders come prepared with EMS!
logo gemeente velsen
Gemeente Velsen
Because of the different combinations of modules within EMS, in addition to having insight into the FAFS, we can now connect the Fire Alarm Center and emergency buttons in our offices and locations and connect them directly to the EMS environment and EMS App for the FAFS personnel.
Veth Propulsion
EMS gives Veth Propulsion real-time insight into the presence of FAFS officers and visitors. With a single push of the (emergency) button, sufficient FAFS personnel are summoned. By using the App, we know that every notification always arrives.
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Wetterskip Frieslân
After careful market research, Wetterskip Frieslân chose EMS. With EMS, we have visibility into FAFS and daily company safety is assured.
Nippon Express
EMS is an ideal solution for our company considering we have 11 branches nationwide. Very customer friendly and open to any adjustments business oriented. In several ways different (positive) from other providers. Definitely recommend to others who are still looking for an App for the purpose of corporate emergency response.
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