Risk Inventory

Child care risk assessment:

In a nursery, potential risks can range from physical hazards such as unsafe furniture or toys, to hygiene and sanitation, allergens, to psychosocial risks such as bullying behavior. Each identified risk is assessed based on the likelihood and severity of potential injury or harm. For example, a playground with worn or unsafe toys might have a high risk because the likelihood of injury is high and the injury may be severe.

Risk inventory care:

Some examples of risks in healthcare:
Falls: Patients, especially the elderly or those with mobility problems, may fall and sustain serious injuries, such as a broken hip or head injury. An emergency call is necessary to summon medical attention and report the incident.

Incidents of violence: Unfortunately, situations of physical or verbal violence may occur in healthcare facilities, either between patients or directed at healthcare providers. In such cases, an emergency call is necessary to ensure safety.

Critical equipment failure: When essential medical equipment, such as ventilators or heart monitors, suddenly fails, it can cause life-threatening situations. An emergency call can help quickly call for technical assistance and implement alternative care strategies.

It is important to note that in each of these scenarios, speed of response plays an important role. This is why systems such as the Findwhere app, which provides the ability to quickly summon available emergency responders, are invaluable in the healthcare industry.

Risk self-employment:

Suppose you are an independent contractor who specializes in home renovations. During a renovation project at a job site, an accident may occur. For example, you may fall from a ladder, or a serious electrical problem may occur, such as a fire caused by faulty wiring. Using a properly programmed hotkey on your phone or an app like Findwhere can be crucial in such a situation.

Retail risk assessment:

Suppose you are a store manager in a large department store. During a busy shopping day, a customer is seriously injured – for example, the customer trips and falls, causing a fracture or serious injury. Or consider a situation of theft or violent behavior are. If an incident occurs in which a customer or employee is threatened, or goods are stolen, an emergency call is required to alert the police and request assistance.

Construction risk assessment:

Suppose you are a superintendent and there is an incident involving heavy equipment. A crane falls over or there is a serious machine failure, this can not only increase the risk of injury but also the risk of significant damage to the construction site. In such cases, a FAFS call might be necessary to coordinate a rapid response and appropriate action.

Host parent risk assessment:

Imagine being a host parent dealing with an acute medical emergency. If a child suddenly becomes seriously ill, such as from a severe allergic reaction or asthma attack – it is necessary to seek immediate medical attention.

Risk inventory hospitality industry:

Imagine you are a restaurant manager during a busy evening. During rush hour, one of your kitchen staff is seriously injured, such as by a burn or cut. Another potential risk in the restaurant industry is food poisoning. If a group of customers show symptoms of food poisoning after eating at your restaurant, it is critical to seek medical attention immediately. This is where Findwhere’s emergency call system can provide the speed needed.

Risk inventory car company:

Imagine you are a manager in a car dealership. During a normal workday, an accident happens in the garage – for example, a mechanic becomes trapped under a car that falls off the lift bridge. In such a situation, it is crucial to immediately make an emergency call to get medical attention for the injured worker.

Risk inventory event:

Imagine you are the organizer of a large outdoor music festival. During the event, a piece of stage equipment falls over and hits several concertgoers. Or a fire breaks out due to an accident involving fireworks. These are serious situations where immediate action can be life-saving. In more mundane situations, such as concertgoers overheating or dehydrating during a heat wave, it may also be necessary to summon help to provide first aid.

Fruit cultivation risk inventory:

In this industry, consider exposure to dangerous pesticides or a major tractor accident in the field. In such a situation, a FAFS call would be needed to get help quickly and secure the situation.

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Risk Inventory and Evaluation Mandatory

Conducting a risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) is required by law for all companies with employees. This obligation is designed to ensure the safety and health of employees in the workplace. However, the frequency with which the RI&E must be carried out varies, depending on the sector and the nature of the risks. For example, in high-risk environments, such as construction sites and healthcare facilities, it may be necessary to conduct an RI&E more regularly. An RI&E should also always be reviewed when major changes occur in the company or work processes, such as when new machinery or working practices are introduced.

Prepare Risk Inventory and Evaluation

Preparing a risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) can be challenging, but with the right guidelines, it can be done effectively.

First, a thorough assessment of the workplace should be done to identify potential hazards. This can be done through a prospective risk assessment, looking ahead to potential hazards before they occur.

Next, each identified risk must be evaluated based on its probability of occurrence and the severity of the potential injury or damage.

The result of this assessment should then be used to create an action plan to manage these risks.

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Risk Assessment and Evaluation Example

Let’s take an example of a risk inventory and evaluation in the construction industry. Suppose a risk has been identified that workers may fall from a certain height during construction. After evaluation, it appears that the probability of a fall is high and the potential injury could be severe. The risk inventory matrix would then classify this risk as high. A possible precaution could be to install fall protection devices and ensure that employees receive proper training to work safely at heights. This is where the FAFS app plays an important role. Staff should immediately understand to press the emergency button and call in the right people through the FAFS app for first aid.

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Risk Inventory and Evaluation Meaning

Risk Identification and Evaluation (RI&E) is the process of identifying and evaluating workplace risks with the aim of ensuring the safety and health of workers. However, the meaning of RI&E can vary depending on the industry. For example, in the construction industry, RI&E may address risks such as falls from height or exposure to hazardous materials, while in the healthcare industry, RI&E may address infection control or patient safety.

Risk Inventory Lists in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, risk inventory lists are used to identify and manage potential hazards. These lists can include infection control, patient safety, ergonomic risks to caregivers, medication management, etc. Using these lists helps create a safe and healthy environment for both patients and caregivers. They are an essential tool for healthcare facilities to improve the quality of care and avoid unnecessary risks.

For example, a risk inventory list might include questions about the proper and consistent use of personal protective equipment, whether procedures for the safe handling of medical equipment are followed correctly, whether sufficient precautions have been taken to prevent falls, and so on.

Most importantly, the list is regularly reviewed and updated because conditions in healthcare are constantly changing. This may be due to the introduction of new technologies, regulatory changes or new findings in the healthcare field. Regular review and updating of the risk inventory list ensures that it remains relevant and effective in managing risks within the healthcare facility.

Also ensure optimal preparation and lightning fast system that can save lives in your organization. Request a demo for the FAFS app immediately.

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