Precom Pager

The Precom Pager is an integral part of the Precom system, designed to improve communications in emergency and industrial accidents. Compact, rugged and reliable, the pager is designed to function in the most demanding conditions. You get a beep, quickly look at the screen and see whether it is urgent or not. The tiny device will last for years.

If you work in a large industrial complex where hazardous chemicals are produced, you need to be prepared for hazards where you are exposed to them. The Precom Pager, integrated into the umbrella Precom system, allows for rapid response. When a something happens, the call can quickly be sent to the right people, allowing them to either call in emergency services and/or provide help on site themselves.

P2000 system

An important feature of our Precom Pager is the use of the P2000 system. The P2000 system is a digital semaphore protocol used in the Netherlands by the emergency services such as fire department, ambulance, police, rescue brigade and the Red Cross. The integration of the P2000 system into the Precom Pager means that the pager is able to automatically receive messages from the central control room, which can significantly reduce response time.

Make sure you keep up with the latest technical developments regarding safety. That way, you’ll reap maximum benefits and keep your workplace as safe as possible. The Precom Pager is one such advancement. A strong design, intuitive use and advanced technology such as the P2000 system, the Precom Pager is an excellent gadget for anyone involved in company emergency response or crisis management. By using the Precom Pager, companies and organizations can significantly improve the safety and well-being of their employees.

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