EMS: all-in-one EHS management software for workplace safety

Stay operational, manage incidents, and stay compliant.


One platform to raise alarms and notify others in the event of an incident. Stay compliant and operational 24/7.

In unsafe situations, your people can use the mobile app to raise an alarm, receive notifications, and communicate with one another. Thanks to the app, you can use people’s skills in a smart way, thus minimising workplace risks.


Keep lone workers safe and meet your duty of care.

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Stay operational, manage incidents, and stay compliant.

  • Overview of available users per location and skill via a map;
  • Raising alarms in case of incidents;
  • Notifying relevant people and organisations;
  • Direct communication during incidents via push-to-talk, video calls, and chat.


  • We enjoy deploying our years of experience in workplace safety and emergency response to introduce smart innovations. BHVassist, which is based on EMS, offers our clients an innovative solution. For example, by using EMS, they are better able to shape their Emergency Response Training policies, and to deal with incidents more effectively.

    Simon Meerveld
    Simon Meerveld business developer BHV.nl
  • Within our organisation in the Netherlands, we face several challenges in the area of workplace safety procedures, which recur on a daily basis. EMS seamlessly integrates with our risk inventory and evaluation procedures, and guarantees not only the safety of our operation, but also of our staff and visitors.

    John Banks
    John Banks QHSE-manager

EMS Features


One platform for managing and assessing users, locations, events, skills, certificates, calendars, and protocols. Keep an overview of all available users per location and skill via a map.


Mobile Application
In case of an incident, people can use the smartphone and tablet app to raise an alarm, receive notifications, and communicate with each other.


The widget is clearly visible on each PC desktop. It provides users with an emergency button and informs them about incidents.


Create events for everything taking place within your business. Simply write a protocol per event and set up the right users, locations, and skills to best manage the situation.


EMS presents hourly (graphic) reports to determine whether your business is compliant with specific standards, such as risk inventory and evaluation, QHSE, and your business emergency plan. Thanks to the extensive reports, you can evaluate and account for your actions at any future point.


Who has which skills? Which skills are needed for a certain location or for an event that you created? And are all these skills actually available?

Other EMS features


Manage all user certificates (such as Emergency Response Training), and receive notifications when they are about to expire.


Consult and manage user calendars. You can easily link applications such as Outlook and Google Calendar with EMS.


Keep the knowledge of your users up-to-date and record information about workplace safety in the e-learning module.