Emergency button with GPS Tracker

An important evolution of the emergency button is its integration with GPS technology, resulting in the emergency button with GPS tracker. GPS (Global Positioning System) originated in the 1960s from a need by the U.S. military to enable accurate navigation. Since then, it has been quickly made available to individuals and businesses, completely changing the world. We use it daily, making businesses and our lives safer.

With an emergency button with GPS tracker, the user’s position is transmitted accurately and instantly, which can be crucial in emergency situations where every second counts. Whether it is a medical emergency, security incident or other unforeseen situation, the combination of the emergency button and GPS provides the fastest and most accurate response possible.

Users of the emergency button with GPS tracker can assume that emergency services will be called in immediately, even if they are unable to communicate their exact location. This makes it very easy for individuals and companies who are responsible for the safety of their employees. Consider companies with teams that are always on the go. If something happens on the road, and they stay in one spot for too long without contacting colleagues, they can always respond quickly by recognizing their location.

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Emergency button watch

The pursuit of accessibility and convenience led to the development of the emergency button watch. A smartwatch equipped with an emergency button, enabling users to quickly call for help in case of emergency. With a simple push of a button on the smartwatch, one can immediately call for help. Ask one of our experts about your integration.

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Emergency button mobile phone

Through the FindWhere app, one can quickly call for help with a simple push of a button. It makes the power of an emergency call accessible through the device we always have with us, our cell phone. Ask our experts for advice and try the demo.

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