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Safety is a fundamental priority in home visits in healthcare, and our Safe Home Visit app plays a crucial role here. Imagine a situation where a caregiver visits a client who suddenly shows aggression. Without the right tools, this scenario can quickly escalate. However, with our safe home visit app, employees can immediately raise the alarm and call for help. No matter if the caregiver is facing a dangerous situation or a medical emergency, the app provides instant communication with emergency responders, colleagues or even the police. With one click, they can report the situation, provide their location and call for assistance. It can even be as simple as pressing a button. This app dramatically improves the safety of home visits, making both employees and clients feel safer.

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Emergency App iPhone

Our emergency app is now available to all iPhone users. The Findwhere emergency app for iPhone can be easily downloaded from the I-store. Once you have the app on your iPhone, you are just a few steps away from a safer work environment. The app is user-friendly and the design is simple, allowing you to quickly take the necessary actions in the event of an emergency.

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Alarm Button App

The central feature of our emergency app is the alarm button. By simply pressing the alarm button, you can quickly and efficiently alert the appropriate colleagues and emergency services. This feature is designed to minimize wasted time in crisis situations. Within seconds of activating the alarm button, help is mobilized, allowing for rapid response, which is critical in preventing escalations.

Silent Alarm System

Sometimes discretion is just as important as speed when responding to emergencies. That’s why our emergency app has a silent alarm system. This system allows users to quietly call for help without making the situation worse. For example, imagine a situation where an employee is faced with a threatening customer.

Turning on a loud alarm could worsen the situation and potentially make the customer even more aggressive. With our silent alarm system, the employee can discreetly call for help without alerting the customer. Upon activation, the alarm is silently transmitted to colleagues and security services with the user’s exact location. This allows them to respond quickly and cautiously, increasing the employee’s safety without unnecessarily escalating the situation. This silent alarm system can also be useful in other situations, such as medical emergencies where the patient needs to remain calm, or in situations where loudly proclaiming a problem could lead to panic or confusion. By having this feature at their fingertips, our emergency app provides users with an extra layer of safety and peace of mind in potentially dangerous situations.

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