Crisis communication

Crisis communication is a crucial part of crisis management. It involves all forms of communication between the organization and its stakeholders during a crisis. A specialist, or crisis manager, plays the most important link here to guide everything. This is both to keep calm and to ensure that the right steps are taken at the right time.

Imagine a chemical company is dealing with a dangerous spill. A crisis manager in this situation would first assess the scope of the crisis. Then the crisis manager communicates the situation internally and to relevant external parties, such as the government and the media. Based on the crisis management plan, appropriate actions are then taken, taking into account all safety standards. The goal is to limit the consequences and get the company operational again.

This task of crisis communication can be eased with a tool like the FAFS app, which brings information to one place and ensures that everyone is quickly informed.

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Crisis Communication App

Findwhere offers a crisis communication app, a tool that enables effective communication during a crisis. In line with legislation around corporate safety and crisis management, this app helps design a sound crisis management plan.

A crisis goes through several phases. Initially, there is the preventive phase where potential risks are identified and plans are made to deal with them. This is followed by the preparative phase, in which measures are taken to mitigate the identified risks. Then there is the responsive phase in which the crisis is actually dealt with. Finally, there is the restorative phase in which work is done to recover and rebuild normal operations.

Crisis Intervention

With a clear crisis management roadmap, it is possible to intervene in any crisis. This can range from industrial accidents to crises at the municipal level. Take, for example, a power outage that affects an entire municipality. With a well-prepared crisis management roadmap, a quick response can be made to the situation that has arisen, focusing on minimizing the consequences and restoring power as quickly as possible.

Crisis management at the municipal level requires a special approach, with a focus on public safety, continuity of critical services and communication with citizens. For example, an example of successful crisis management is the Red Cross assisting in a flooding of a large area and distributing free water. By mobilizing resources and clearly communicating with stakeholders, a disaster cannot get worse.

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Crisis management definition

Crisis management is the process of preparing for, responding to, and recovering from a crisis. When within organization crises and emergencies are not handled properly, it can cause a lot of damage to the company and the people who work there. In other words, crisis management is the management of chaos.

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