What is shift work

Shift work is a way of working that allows for an uninterrupted production process. Different shifts work according to a set schedule at different times of the day, allowing companies to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can often see shifts in industries such as health care, manufacturing, public transportation and emergency services.

The 9-shift system is a commonly used schedule that ensures that each employee works proportional hours and shifts. This system ensures the health and well-being of workers and, of course, maintains production line continuity.

Safety is an extremely important aspect within shifts. The type of work, different working hours and the need to be operational at all times of the day make it important to insist on safety standards and protocols.

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Shift work and health

Health is paramount in shift work. Working prolonged overtime can lead to fatigue, which reduces alertness. A healthy and balanced schedule is essential to maintaining workers’ health and productivity. Adhering to strict rest and recovery periods, as well as providing support for workers facing the unique challenges of shift work, is crucial.

Working in shifts: Pro’s and Con’s

Working shifts has both pro’s and con’s.

Shift work pro’s:
  • A higher wage, as there are often allowances for irregular hours
  • It offers flexibility, as workers are able to have their time off during different parts of the day
  • A continuous production process benefits businesses
Shift work con’s:
  • The irregular hours can make it difficult to maintain a stable sleep and social life
  • Stress and health problems due to changing sleep patterns and the possibility of overtime
  • The need to work during holidays and weekends
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Shifts Scheduling App

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