Panic Button Bracelet

In times of crisis, convenience and accessibility is essential. That is why the panic button is not only a standalone solution, but is also integrated into a convenient to wear bracelet. The panic button bracelet is specifically designed to be worn by people who need a simple way to quickly summon emergency services.

Imagine, you are working alone in a warehouse and you get trapped by a heavy crate. Then you can’t reach your smartphone to call someone, or you’re in too much pain to do so. But when you wear the panic button bracelet, all you have to do is press the SOS alarm button to call for help. This SOS button is designed for quick access and triggering action with 1 touch.

The panic button bracelet is reliable and easy to use. A simple press of the button puts you in touch with emergency services. Whether you are alone at work, walking through a dodgy area late at night, or have a loved one with health issues, the panic button bracelet gives assurance that you can quickly call for help when you need it most.

Persoonlijk alarm met sos paniekknop

Personal Alarm with SOS Panic Button

Our panic button is your personal alarm that immediately sends SOS signals as soon as you press the button. This personal alarm with SOS panic button is designed to provide quick help no matter what the circumstances. This feature can literally save lives by ensuring quick intervention in crucial moments. With a personal alarm, you can always go out with peace of mind. This way, you are always in control during an emergency.

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