FAFS call system

The FAFS call system is a crucial part of any workplace, ensuring safety and efficiency. Our FAFS call system app is not only fast, but also easy to use. In a situation where every second counts, alerting FAFS personnel immediately can be life-saving.

It can also be integrated with your call system AED. In a cardiac arrest, every minute counts, and rapid response is vital. With a CPR call system, a trained lifeguard can be on the scene immediately to administer life-saving CPR and use an AED.

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Wireless call system

A wireless call system gives you a lot of convenience and freedom. Physical connections really need to be replaced to ensure seamless communication between the team and emergency responders. This emergency call system is fast, reliable and improves workplace safety. Moreover, the system can also be used as a reception call system, so the front desk is always able to summon immediate help if needed.

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Guest call system

Our guest call system can play a crucial role in the hospitality industry. It ensures that guests and customers can easily call for help when needed. This guest call system is easy to use and provides an extra layer of security and service to your customers. We often hear from our clients in the hotel industry that their guests really appreciate a top security system when they ask for it sporadically.

Call system healthcare

In the healthcare industry, an efficient call system can make a huge difference. The nurse call system provides patients with a direct line of communication with healthcare providers. The medical call system ensures rapid response to emergencies. Whether it is the home care call system, for patients requiring home care, or the hospital call system for hospital settings, our care call system provides a seamless connection and promotes patient safety. Saving lives is daily business for healthcare, making it extremely important to deliver an error-free system. You can rest assured that our preparation and support is top quality.

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Driver call system

When using a driver on-call system, you no longer have to figure out where your drivers are and choose which one, for example, is closest. The system quickly finds out where everyone is and with a few clicks, the right driver is selected and called via the app.

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