Findwhere Alarm System

Take quick and effective action during emergencies with EMS and BeSafe.


Are you considering an alarm system for emergencies? Findwhere offers two types of professional alarm systems.  

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EMS Workplace safety

EMS is an innovative alarm system for companies. You can raise an alarm quickly and effectively thanks to the following features:


BeSafe Lone Worker Safety

BeSafe is specially designed as an alarm system for people – and in particular lone workers. With BeSafe, employees can: 

    The possibilities of EMS

    Raising a direct and focused alarm is without a doubt the most important feature of EMS. The app and online portal, however, are much more than just an Emergency Response alarm system. Here are just a few examples of features with which you will keep your workplace and your people safe:

    • Central communication. No more hassle with walkie-talkies or panic because WhatsApp messages aren’t arriving. When using EMS, all communication about the incident takes place on one single platform, through chat, video calls or push-to-talk.
    • Emergency Response Management. Create simple Emergency Response schedules and monitor real-time whether you are compliant with your minimum Emergency Response staffing. Thanks to automatic reminders, you avoid expiry of certificates or being too late with, for example, periodical check-ups of extinguishing agents.

    Free Alarm System Demo

    Do you think the EMS alarm system for companies or the BeSafe software for lone workers are suitable for your company? Request a free demo.

    What does the demo entail? First, a Findwhere expert will give you a tour through the software. When you’re completely up-to-date with the software and its added value for your company, then it’s time to get started yourself. With the login details you will receive, you get to try out the EMS or BeSafe app and online portal for a period with absolutely no strings attached.

    Or read more about the EMS or BeSafe features.