Wireless Call System

Take quick and effective action during emergencies with Findwhere’s EMS.


Are you looking for a wireless call system for quick and effective action during emergencies?

With the EMS app + online portal, employees can raise an alarm through a wireless system, call for (in-house) Emergency Response workers, and communicate. The software also helps you with the coordination and evaluation of incidents. Useful: you can also use it to manage the entire Emergency Response administration.

Wireless Call System

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Wireless call system for emergencies

How does Findwhere’s EMS system help you during incidents? A step-by-step explanation:

Is an emergency taking place, such as incapacitation, an evacuation, a heart attack or a fire?


With just one single push of the button, you can raise an alarm. Both within the EMS mobile app or pc widget, or on an external physical (wireless) emergency button. In order to clearly show what is going on right away, photographs, videos, texts and voice messages can be added.

EMS ensures that Emergency Response workers are immediately called. The software looks at overviews of user per location: who is nearby? It also looks at skills: what is needed – Emergency Response Officers, first-aiders, the alarm centre and/or the company fire department?

Communication also goes seamlessly. All communication takes place within the EMS platform. Emergency Response workers can choose between chat, video calls and the push-to-talk feature. This means no more hassle with walkie-talkies and WhatsApp; the app is all you need.

The EMS Emergency Response call system register users’ last location in the case of an emergency. A map immediately shows who is where. This leads to good teamwork and means team leaders and the chief of the Emergency Response Team can coordinate well.

    WIRELESS = More safety

    In an emergency situation, wires restrict mobility and flexibility. Therefore, the starting point of EMS is that the entire call system should be as wireless as possible.

    • The mobile app for smartphones and tablets contains all the essential security tools such as raising alarms, being called, and communicating.
    • All customary wireless physical emergency buttons can be connected to EMS. An SOS button is important when raising an alarm with a telephone isn’t possible or is undesirable.

    Wireless is not always (as) important:

    • With the widget for desktops and laptops, for example, front desk employees can raise an alarm unnoticed, and pc-users can receive a notification about an emergency.
    • In the online portal, you can create Emergency Response worker schedules, see overviews of users per location, see reports, and create protocols.

    More possibilities

    EMS is much more than just an emergency call system. These features help you to enhance the safety within your organisation:

    Wireless Call System

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