Involve your Receptionists
at the emergency response organization.


Involve the reception staff in the emergency response organization!

Control & Respond

Involve the pivot in every company with the EMS reception portal.​​

The reception employee is the linchpin within your company. But how does the reception deal with a calamity situation? Much depends on the experience and insights of these people. The reception staff are the eyes and ears of your organization, they are often the first to notice if something is wrong. For example, the fire alarm panel is located at the reception station and the internal alarm device is often located near them. The emergency response organization is alerted via the reception and in the event of, for example, a telephone bomb threat, this usually comes in on the general number answered by the reception. In addition, the reception staff are often the first to arrive and the last to leave. The reception portal is a crucial addition to the EMS platform to further broaden and safeguard operational security.

Alarm Center

Alarm based on the pre-created EMS protocol. Always accurate deployment and follow-up. Insight into succession, seeing that the emergency response team is responding and that people are on the way.

Attendance Registration

Insight into the presence of the emergency response organization. No more sliding signs, but presence in the company zone is automated.

Visitor Registration

Registration and inviting visitors by email and registration via QR code. Know who is in the house and immediately a printout of people present in case of calamities.

Management Tools

Enter or apply changes in the emergency response team. Perform management and monitor an up-to-date emergency response organization.


Easily create recurring tasks such as checking extinguishers, first-aid kits and manage these, including reporting to the Head of Emergency Response.


Communicate directly from the reception portal with the BHV present via Chat and EMS Voice.

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Visitor registration with EMS Reception. Simply register on location or in advance remotely and check in with QR Code completely COVID proof. With EMS Reception, the reception employee always has the right resources and insights. So safe!