EMS: all-in-one software for Municipalities

Maximize security by automating alarms, notifications, crisis communication, protocols, and Emergency Response Management.


Public order and safety are among your core tasks as a municipality. You have countless semi-public locations, where anything could happen: violent incidents, attacks, large fires, explosions, incidents concerning confused people, you name it.

How do you make sure that special investigation officers, front desk employees, and Emergency Response Officers raise an alarm quickly and take accurate action in the event of an incident or an emergency?

With the EMS software, you automate your safety processes. This allows you to minimize risks, handle incidents, emergencies and crises better, and prevent both human suffering and material damage. Both inside and outside the municipal organization.

EMS: all-in-one software for Municipalities

Keep your municipality safe and your business operational.

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Automating safety processes with EMS

  • Overview of available users per location and skill via a map;
  • Raising alarms in case of incidents;
  • Notifying relevant people and organizations;
  • Direct communication during incidents via push-to-talk, video calls, and chat.

This is how EMS helps municipalities


One environment for inventory and management of users, locations, events, skills, certificates, calendars and protocols. Have an overview of users per location and skill via a map.


Mobile App
In unsafe situations, your people can raise an alarm, receive notifications and communicate with each other using the mobile app. Moreover, the app allows you to use people’s skills in a smart way, thus minimizing company risks.


Raising an alarm quickly and effectively
Whether there’s a violent incident or an emergency: raising an alarm quickly and effectively is essential to avoid escalation. In the case of emergency, special investigation officers, security guards, front office and swimming pool staff can raise an alarm quickly and effectively with EMS, our pc widget, or a (wireless) physical alarm button.


Notifications to the right people
Has an alarm been raised? EMS notifies relevant users and groups in specific locations. Emergency response teams, security guards, managers, your alarm centre and/or emergency services can then arrive at the scene quickly, to ensure that the impact remains limited. In the event of a serious incident or an emergency, EMS can also notify the mayor, the media relations department or the Municipal Health Service, so they are also aware of the situation.


Availability and registration of skills
EMS makes it easy to always have enough Emergency Response Officers, first-aiders or security guards available at every location. The extensive reports show where and when there are (or might be) shortcomings in the required skills, so that you can adjust the schedules on time.


One single platform for crisis communication
Quick and flawless communication is essential for crisis management. During incidents, your users communicate directly via the ‘push-to-talk’ feature, video calls and chat.

Other features

Overview of users per location

In order to guarantee the safety of municipal officials and your visitors, EMS registers every user’s last location. This way, the necessary notifications can be made in case of emergency. Moreover, you will have a better overview of the situation and be able to coordinate more adequately, since the EMS Dashboard shows the (indoor and outdoor) locations at a glance.

Events and protocols

Within EMS, you can create events for any possible incident, emergency or crisis. This could be a large accident, a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, a robbery or a serious incident in the social domain or in a neighbourhood. Per event you write a protocol, in which you determine what needs to happen, and who should be involved.

Evaluation and accountability

EMS illustrates whether you are compliant with the security requirements, both via graphics and per location. Thanks to the extensive reports, you can identify risks on time and you can evaluate and account for an incident after it has taken place.

Connecting building management system and fire alarm installation

If you connect EMS to your building management system or fire alarm installation(s), then those involved with a notification will immediately know what is going on, and where.

EMS app: crucial tools, direct access

The app for smartphones and tablets is an integral part of the EMS platform. With this app, your special investigation officers, Emergency Response Officers, front desk employees and other staff members who have high-risk jobs or valuable skills have direct access to several crucial security tools.

In emergency situations, they can use the app to raise an alarm, receive notifications and communicate via the push-to-talk feature, video and chat. Moreover, the e-learning feature helps keep your users’ knowledge up-to-date.


Maximum security in you municipality

Are you using EMS to automate your safety processes? Then you are maximizing your municipality’s safety in the following eight ways:

  • Better prepared for crisis situations and emergencies.
  • Quick and effective action during emergency situations with special investigation officers, Emergency Response Teams, security guards and external emergency services, so human suffering and material damage are prevented.
  • Evaluation and accountability after the incidents.
  • Compliance with (legal) security requirements, safety, and health policy, and duty of care.
  • Constant improvement of the security situation by monitoring.
  • A larger sense of safety among your employees.
  • Making the emergency plan or crisis plan and accompanying protocols simple(r), and easier to execute.
  • More efficient and more effective work for, for example, the chief of the Emergency Response Team and (policy) officers in the fields of security, public order, and prevention.