EMS: all-in-one software for Industry

With EMS, you prevent risks, manage incidents, organise your Emergency Response Officers, and stay compliant with your duty of care, the Health and Safety Act and the Safety Ladder.


Whether it concerns the (petro)chemical, food or manufacturing industry: your company processes create above-average risks. Emergencies don’t only endanger employees, but also endanger your company continuity. Moreover, emergencies can have huge effects on the environment, on people living in the surroundings, and on your image. 

With Findwhere’s all-in-one EMS security software, the organization of your Emergency Response Officers becomes efficient and effective, employees can raise an alarm with just one push of the button, and the right people and authorities receive notifications about incidents.

All crisis communication runs through one single platform, and protocols are established and followed during emergencies by using the app. Thanks to extensive reports, you evaluate and account for events after an emergency, and show that you are compliant with all standards and regulations.

EMS: all-in-one software for Industry

Keep your people safe and your business operational.

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Emergencies, safety of employees and business continuity

  • Overview of available users per location and skill via a map;
  • Raising alarms in case of incidents;
  • Notifying relevant people and organizations;
  • Direct communication during incidents via push-to-talk, video calls, and chat.

This is how EMS helps industrial companies


One environment for inventory and management of users, locations, events, skills, certificates, calendars and protocols. Have an overview of users per location and skill via a map.


Mobile App
In unsafe situations, your people can raise an alarm, receive notifications and communicate with each other using the mobile app. Moreover, the app allows you to use people’s skills in a smart way, thus minimizing company risks.


Raising an alarm quickly and effectively
Explosions, fire, dissemination of toxic substances, a large leakage: with the Findwhere software, you can use the EMS app or pc widget, or alternatively an external (wireless) alarm button, to raise an alarm. Important: when raising an alarm using the app, the user can also send pictures.


Notifications to the right people
EMS notifies the right (groups of) users in relevant locations in the event of an emergency or an incident. Aid workers such as Emergency Response Officers, first-aiders, the company fire department, and the fire department can make it to the scene in a flash thanks to the overview of users per location.


Always enough aid workers
Thanks to EMS, you always have access to enough aid workers, at every location. Per location, there is real-time monitoring to determine whether you are compliant with the present requirements. The extensive reports show where and when there are (or might be) shortcomings in the required skills, so you can adjust the schedules on time.


Overview of users
Housekeepers, receptionists, Technical Service employees and the duty manager could be anywhere inside, or even outside the building. In order to guarantee the safety of your guests and employees in an emergency situation, EMS registers every user’s last location. This way, notifications can be more focused, and therefore more focused action can be taken.

Other features

Crisis communication via one single platform

Using EMS, all users communicate through one single platform via the push-to-talk feature, video calls and chat. For the sake of evaluation and accountability after the event (for example in insurance matters) all communication is logged in a secure way.

Protocols for all incidents

You can create events for all the important incidents that could take place in your company. An event contains a protocol that describes what needs to happen during an incident, when it should happen, and who should be involved. If aid workers are notified about an incident, then the protocol is immediately shown in the EMS app.

Extensive reports

Per branch, plant or site, EMS creates extensive reports. These could be about the Emergency Response staffing, disasters, periodical check-ups of company security materials, and the expiry of certificates. This way, you can identify risks on time, evaluate and account for incidents after the event, and demonstrate that you are compliant with the regulations and standards such as duty of care, the Health and Safety Act, the Safety Ladder, PGS guidelines, and BRZO.

Connecting to your fire alarm installation and building management system

If you connect EMS to your fire alarm installation or building management system, then your aid workers can take action as quickly and efficiently possible. After all, they will immediately know where notifications are coming from, and what is going on.

EMS app: crucial tools, always direct access

The EMS platform is built around the app for smartphones and tablets. With this app, everyone within your business emergency organisation immediately has direct access to several essential security tools. In emergency situations, users can use the app to, for example:

  • Raise an alarm
  • Receive notifications
  • Communicate via the push-to-talk feature, video and chat.

Industrial environments are full of procedures, regulations and standards regarding safety. With the app’s e-learning module, you make sure that your users’ knowledge about these things stays up-to-date.


EMS: indispensable for Emergency Response Officers

The EMS safety platform and app makes Emergency Response management more targeted, easier and faster, for the following 6 reasons:

  • Easily manage all Emergency Response Officer schedules and see real-time whether there are enough Emergency Response Officers present at any given location.
  • Aid workers raise an alarm more quickly and effectively with the EMS app for Emergency Response services, for example because locations and photographs (optional) can be added as well.
  • Based on the type of incident and the location, the right aid workers are automatically notified. For example the chief of the Emergency Response Team, the team leader, first-aiders or the company fire department.
  • All crisis communication goes through one single platform.
  • Receive automatic reminders when certificates like Emergency Response Training or First Aid expire, and when you need to have your fire alarm installation or fire extinguishers checked.
  • Thanks to extensive reports, you can evaluate emergencies, which makes your Emergency Response Officers better prepared for future incidents.