EMS: all-in-one software for Hotels

Maximize safety by automating alarms, notifications, crisis communication, protocols, and Emergency Response Management.


Hotels are very vulnerable in the security field. An accident, armed robbery, fire, bomb alert, heart attack or aggression: anything can happen to your guests and staff.

Moreover, employees often go through the entire building, guests do not know the building and the escape routes, and night-time incidents are more problematic because guests sleep and there is little staff. Challenging circumstances.

How do you ensure that the reception, technical service (TD) and housekeeping can quickly alert you – so that you can intervene adequately in the event of incidents and calamities? That crisis communication is flawless? And that the right people and organizations receive notifications, protocols are followed and afterwards you can evaluate and justify everything via reports?

EMS: all-in-one software for Hotels

Keep your hotel staff safe and your business operational.

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Incident management, compliance and staying operational

  • Overview of available users per location and skill via a map;
  • Raising alarms in case of incidents;
  • Notifying relevant people and organizations;
  • Direct communication during incidents via push-to-talk, video calls, and chat.

This is how EMS helps hotels


One environment for inventory and management of users, locations, events, skills, certificates, calendars and protocols. Have an overview of users per location and skill via a map.


Mobile App
In unsafe situations, your people can raise an alarm, receive notifications and communicate with each other using the mobile app. Moreover, the app allows you to use people’s skills in a smart way, thus minimizing company risks.


Raising an alarm quickly and effectively
Whether there’s a violent incident or an emergency: by raising an alarm quickly and effectively you will avoid escalation, and therefore also avoid injury, suffering and damage. Your employees can raise an alarm with EMS, using our app for iOS and Android, our pc widget, or a (wireless) physical alarm button. And if you connect EMS to your fire alarm installation, then automatic alarms are also possible.


Enough aid workers 24/7
Thanks to EMS, you will always have enough emergency response officers and first-aiders available at every location. Per location, there is a real-time monitoring system to determine whether there are enough aid workers at the scene. The extensive reports reveal where and when there might be shortcomings in the required skills, so that you can amend the schedules on time.


Notifications to the right people
EMS notifies the right (groups of) users in relevant locations in the event of an emergency or an incident. Aid workers such as Emergency Response Officers, first-aiders, the company fire department, and the fire department can make it to the scene in a flash thanks to the overview of users per location.


Overview of users
Housekeepers, receptionists, Technical Service employees and the duty manager could be anywhere inside, or even outside the building. In order to guarantee the safety of your guests and employees in an emergency situation, EMS registers every user’s last location. This way, notifications can be more focused, and therefore more focused action can be taken.

Other features


EMS notifies relevant users and groups in specific locations. Has a guest fainted? Then the nearest first-aiders are notified. Is there an evacuation? Then all Emergency Response Officers are notified. Your alarm centre can receive notifications too.

Evaluation and accountability

EMS illustrates whether you are compliant with the security requirements, both via graphics and per location. Thanks to the extensive reports, you can identify risks on time and you can evaluate and account for an incident after it has taken place.

Protocol for each event

Tight, easy to consult protocols ensure better crisis management. Within EMS you create events for every important incident that could take place in your hotel(s). Per event, you write a protocol, in which you clearly record what has to happen, when it has to happen, and who should be involved.

Connecting to fire alarm installation

A smoke detector in each hotel room and manually operated alarms in each hallway: how do you make sure that your employees will know where the alarm is coming from, and can send the nearest aid worker? By connecting your fire alarm installation to EMS.

EMS app: essential tools, quick access at all times

The app for smartphones and tablets is an integral part of the EMS platform. With the app, your receptionists, maids, Technical Service employees, and management immediately have a number of crucial safety tools at their disposal. In emergency situations, they can use the app to, for example:

  • Raise an alarm
  • Receive notifications
  • Communicate via the push-to-talk feature, video and chat.

Moreover, the app contains an e-learning module, with which you keep users’ knowledge about company security within your healthcare organization up-to-date.


EMS: indispensable for hotels

Your duty of care is getting increasingly difficult, while emergency services rarely arrive fast enough, and rarely have a large enough capacity. Therefore, the necessity for a solid Emergency Response organization is only getting bigger and bigger. EMS security software makes Emergency Response management more effective, easier, and faster.

More effective

  • You minimize injury, suffering, and damage since alarms can be raised faster and better. Emergency Response Officers can be at the scene sooner and the crisis communication is streamlined.
  • Thanks to the extensive reports, you can evaluate both the disasters and the availability of the Emergency Response Officers, so you will be better prepared for incidents in the future.

Easier and faster

  • Within EMS, you manage all the Emergency Response schedules in a clear manner and you can see in real-time whether there are enough Emergency Response Officers at any given location.
  • Manage certificates such as Emergency Response Training and First Aid, and receive notifications when they expire.