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FindWhere Corporate Travel Management Platform

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FindWhere’s business travel solution brings together a comprehensive suite of services. This includes smartphone applications and a intuitive administrative interface. Travel Aware can directly integrate with any external business travel  management software providing a complete infrastructure to monitor and mass message instantly based on relevant and actual events.

Send and receive location based (critical) notifications to any smartphone via SMS or Messaging protocol simply by setting up the messaging rules on FindWhere’s AWARE platform. Reliable and timely emergency or pro-active communication based on geo-reference and global risk API connected input sources.

The Corporate Traveller  Platform

Global Travel Risk

Travel risk situations can be unpredictable therefore your communications back to the traveller and its organisation first of all need to be immediate, simple and just work when called upon. FindWhere’s Travel AWARE solution is designed to accurately inform the traveller with actual information based on its current location. This allows connected corporate travel partners as well as global risk solution partners of FindWhere to bring their detailed global knowledge and experience to the end user via the private labelled AWARE application.

Inform based on region or district or even something like the current weather, AWARE is a dedicated solution for global travel risk informing and messaging in real time.

Easy to use management platform and API for external software.

Legislation and Duty of Care

Companies of all sizes now understand that business travel risks are not confined to specific destinations. Corporate travel and risk management has become a board level topic as legislation and Duty of Care set the bar for quality solutions. Danger to business travelers may pop up in a variety of ways. Events like natural disasters or bad weather, viral outbreak, terrorist attack or simply bad luck being at a certain location at the wrong time, Travel Aware can inform globally upon these events helping your business stay operational.

Whatever the risk businesses depend on travel aware to prevent and manage certain situation reducing the impact when it strikes. Extend your services with FindWhere API’s, Integration is simple and allows connecting to any selected ‘travel assistance’ or service provider such as SOS International, Global Risk, G4S Risk and (m)any other(s).

Supports any smartphone and GPS tracking device

Device and network agnostic

FindWhere’s travel AWARE platform is completely device and network agnostic. Aware works by using multiple communication technologies to safely monitor and communicate with corporate travellers and their management. Messaging routes via multiple global communication lines like Push messaging, SMS, E-mail and VOIP/Voice to any smartphone, computer or dedicated GPS tracking device.

Travel Aware can be used on the already customer-owned devices and company-owned equipment

Corporate risk travel management with AWARE
Corporate risk travel management with AWARE
Corporate risk travel management with AWARE
Corporate risk travel management with AWARE
Corporate risk travel management with AWARE
Corporate risk travel management with AWARE