One unified  family of products for Personal Safety and Business Continuity


Extent your already existing services making use of the powerful Findwhere REST API. Connect your Alarm Receiving Center or alternative bespoke software making use of Findwhere's location and event based information.

FDI - Protocol Handler

Findwhere FDI is aimed to support various hardware devices and different data protocols. Processing and parsing external data is what the FDI is designed for. FDI can connect to any BI or device protocol providing a rich information platform.

ARC - Alarm Receiving Center

Findwhere enterprise applications provides actionable event based information. Manage events and follow up based on a bespoke protocol with our Alarm Service platform.  Findwhere Alarmservice is designed, tested and approved based on the input of more then 200 ARC centralists.

Fleet Diagnostics

Efficiënt and dynamic driver solutions, manage your fleet safe and green. Immediate ROI without investment.FindWhere enables your business to exploit the opportunities being created by next generation telematics quick and easy.

Advanced Reports

Reporting is a critical management component for companies and organizations as they need to be able to measure, track, and report to reach operational efficiency. Findwhere advanced FDA reports include real-time analytics.

GPS Tracking Devices

Findwhere is a leading web based GPS tracking platform with real time view, advanced business alerts, reporting and much more supporting any GPS tracking device. Findwhere has a global network with all manufacturers providing quality product. We can assist in sourcing and providing fit for pupose product at manufacturer product cost.

Critical Messaging

A robust and scalable global gateway enabling corporations and businesses to send critical notifications to individuals or groups to respond, keep them safe and informed before, during and after events.

4GUARD - Guard Tour System

Smartphone based guard monitoring system including Lone worker safety. Generate tour reports and exception reports for a specific facility or group including images, comments and specific location information sending reports in real time.

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