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Connect and extent your current service offering to effectively assist Lone workers at risk with BS8484 compliancy.

FindWhere Lone Worker Solution platform

FindWhere’s Lone Worker Solution brings together a comprehensive suite of BS8484 certified services including Lone worker smartphone applications, intuitive end-user functionality, dedicated and legacy GPS devices, and direct integration with any ARC software providing a complete protection infrastructure for all lone workers, both on-site and off-site.

The Lone worker Platform

FindWhere has a full focus on its middleware software solution connecting to various types of hardware protocols enabling its partners to service their customers with a best of class solution.

To bring you the highest level of Lone Worker protection, FindWhere incorporates advanced mobile technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) into its services. This ranges from technology-rich, high-end devices, to cost-effective applications that can be installed on your existing (Apple, Android, BlackBerry or windows Phone) handsets

Easy to use management platform and extended API integration into your software.

FindWhere’s back end solution is brought to a partner network through FindWhere Device Integrator (FDI). This is a web-based key component in our powerful one stop solution supporting scalability, robustness and volume connections to small and large corporates. FindWhere’s FDI will function as an impressive management tool but also allows for CRM functionality and lead generation.

Supports any device Lone worker GPS tracking device

FindWhere’s Lone worker platform is completely device and network agnostic. The system works by using multiple communication technologies to safely monitor and communicate with lone workers via any smartphone, computer or dedicated GPS tracking device and can be used on lone worker-owned devices and company-owned legacy equipment. In addition FindWhere can provide a range of best-of-breed and intrinsically safe dedicated devices, including iridium satellite trackers for use in remote and low-signal areas.

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iFind Mobile Lone worker Gps tracking
iFind Mobile Lone worker Gps tracking

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