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Management platform for pay as you drive insurance based driving, fleet management, leasecar driving behaviour..

FindWhere Vehicle Diagnostics & Platform

Efficiënt and dynamic driver solutions, manage your fleet safe and green. Immediate ROI without investment.
FindWhere enables your business to exploit the opportunities being created by next generation telematics quick and easy.
Plug & Play hardware generates data immediatly which is visible in your online account at FindWhere’s web based platform or admin panel. No need for your organisation to buy expensive hardware or software packages. We got it all covered.
The end user interface can be provided on a white label basis, allowing your business to engage with customers and keep full control.

OBDII On Board Diagnostics device

On FindWhere’s web based OBD portal or FindWhere’s OBD smartphone App you will find an exclusive dashboard. The dashboard provides detailed information about driving performance as well as vehicle health status. Furthermore the portal provides full insight to all trips and events. It even alows to reconstruct accidents and any of the trips or events. An ‘event’ can be defined as an overall name for different values which occur from starting your engine until the ignition is turned off. For example, typical event values could be breaking, acceleration, deceleration or cornering.

You will always have accurate up to date information and can easily extract reports for private, lease or company mileage purposes.

On board diagnostics is mainly used for:

-Tracking a car or fleet in real time
-Fuel Savings
-Mileage (Reports)
-Driver Behaviour/Green Driving
-Crash Detection/Reconstruction
-Trip History / Reconstruction
-Vehicle Health
-Pro active maintenance
-Pay as you Drive – Pay how you Drive programs

Easy to use management platform and extended API integration into your software.

The scalable OBD FDA (FindWhere Device Administrator) enables companies to rapidly launch and manage all connected cars (fleet). Whether you operate 30 vehicles or 3000, you enjoy full online real-time access to the web based admin platform so you can easily review vehicle data, draw reports and carry out a wide range of analysis, reporting and forecasting in the same web-based end-userinterface.

Our technical team can assist incorporating the advanced licensed based technology into your existing services via our excisting API with ease.

Supports any GPS tracking device

FindWhere’s Green and Safe driving platform is completely device and network agnostic. Any device of preferance can be plugged into the FindWhere protocol engines bringing your organisation a flexible and uniform solution without device manufacturer dependencies. The system works by using multiple communication technologies to accurately monitor your fleet.