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FindWhere Incident Management

Companies are exposed to operational risks every day. Unmitigated exposure to risks can lead to workplace injuries, loss of business, damage to corporate image, lawsuits, claims and other outcomes.

Incidents can occur in different contexts and range in severity. Organizations with complex operations must address large numbers of incidents in an efficient way, and proactively manage risks. To meet this challenge, companies need interactive, mobile-based and collaborative solutions to capture, track, investigate, report and analyze incidents and accidents, control risks and improve EHS performance.

FindWhere’s Incident Management software covers the entire incident management lifecycle. It allows all events to be reported, investigations managed and corrective action plans monitored. The solution offers mobile data collection features and advanced reporting capabilities. In addition, built-in e-learning modules can be used to turn incident report data into preventive action plans.

FindWhere’s Incident management Platform

FindWhere’s Incident Management software is fit for purpose and designed to meet all event (incidents, accidents, near-misses, etc.) including reporting, management group messaging and monitoring needs and promotes a positive safety culture by easy of use through mobile and computer, encouraging employees to report incidents and near-misses

-Capture and report incidents and events through mobile devices for greater flexibility
-Improve incident prevention
-Enhance workplace safety
-Build intelligent dashboards to help sites and staff focus on key objectives
-Continous learning based on occurance and e-learning modules
-Improve coordination for follow-ups on incidents
-Advance communications through push messaging and group chat features
-Ensure  Compliance

Easy to use management platform and extended API integration into your software.

FindWhere’s Event Management Software is designed to monitor your in-company skills and capacity and monitors if you meet your compliancy by coverage in people and their specific skills. By using FindWhere’s event management software you are always aware of your coverage and if you meet your compliancy and will also assist you in testing and maintaining your first aiders knowledge and training levels and will alert you when your organisation set compliancy is at potential risk.

FindWhere Event management is a cloud based, Turn Key solution which comes with a full management dashboard and mobile applications and is not only the unique software for businesses but also ideal for organisations to extend their knowledgeable services in a private label solution to their existing customers. Event management software is also ideal for rescue services to maintain their standbye team and respond most efficiently based on distance, availability and skills allowing to respond potentially saving lives !

Supports any smartphone as well as GPS tracking device

FindWhere’s Event management software is completely device and network agnostic. The system works by using multiple communication technologies to safely monitor and communicate with responsible’s  and their management via multiple communication lines such as push messaging, SMS, e-mail and voice to any smartphone, computer. Where needed dedicated GPS tracking devices  can be used supporting remote locations.

event and risk management
event and risk management
event and risk management